Armenia has much to tell the world: British writer

Sona Hakobyan
Public Radio of Armenia

British writer and journalist Graham Hancock, who studies ancient civilizations, knew nothing about Armenia a year ago. Today he is preparing to allocate a lot of place to Armenia in his new book.

On his first visit to Armenia, the journalist discovers new things every day, but his greatest impression was the story of the tragic past of the Armenian people.

Graham Hancock says to be impressed by the warmth and hospitality of Armenians “The world seems to have forgotten about Armenia, while Armenia has a lot to tell the world. That’s why I’m here. I want to show the world all they did not know about Armenia up until now. There is a huge history of the past of the mankind hidden in Armenia,” the British writer told reporters in Yerevan today.

Graham Hancock’s activity of the past twenty years has been targeted at unscovering all that people have lost and forgotten in the course of centuries. He believes that the discoveries in Armenia will be of landmark importance for restoring the memory of humankind. “Armenia has much to teach the world about our forgotten past and the human spirit,” he said.

The British journalist visited a number of historical-cultural sites in Armenia within a couple of days. He says the Dvin Pyramid was the most impressive. “I have seen many pyramids during my studies worldwide, but I never met pyramids like this. We don’t know how old that pyramid is and who it was built by, but we must discover, as it’s a real wonder,” he said.

Over the past twenty years Graham Hancock has travelled to many countries of the world and studies a number of ancient civilizations. He confesses that before his visit to Armenia he felt something was missing in his research. Now the gap has been filled.

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