Armenia deems the use of force against civilian aircrafts unacceptable

”We are shocked by the tragedy, the passenger plane crash that claimed the lives of 298 people,” Spokesman for the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tigran Balayan said in comments to news.am.

”We express condolences to the relatives of innocent victims, to all those countries, whose citizens lost their lives as a result of the tragedy. The President of the Republic of Armenia on the behalf of the Armenian people has already sent condolence letters to the heads of Malaysia and the Netherlands,” he said.

Question: How would you comment the information that the plain was shot down by missile?

Asked to comment on the information that the plane was shot down, Balayan said “only a comprehensive investigation of the accident can spread light on the causes of the plane crash.”

”Armenia has always condemned and continues to consider the use of force and the threat of force against civilian aircraft absolutely unacceptable,” he concluded.

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