Azerbaijani saboteurs to be prosecuted under criminal law: Armenia’s Defense Ministry

Over the past days the Azerbaijani leadership has been trying to refuse from the captivated members of the subversive group, at the same time attempting to give them the status of prisoners of war, the Armenian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“This is impossible in the given case, as the International Humanitarian Law, particularly Article 4 of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, clearly mentions, which persons should be considered prisoners of war,” the statement reads.

According to the Defense Ministry, there are irrefutable facts proving that in reality we deal with a criminal group, which has been recruited and used by the Azerbaijani authorities. It said “members of the group severely violated the rules of war as defined by international law by attacking the civilian population.”

The law envisages clear punishment for the criminal activity of the subversive group – illegal incursion into the territory of a state, murder and attempt of murder, illegal attempts to take pictures of specially protected areas, etc.

“Therefore, the members of the group will be prosecuted under criminal law, in compliance with the international norms of fair trial and human rights protection,” the Ministry said, adding that the above-mentioned irrefutable evidence could be presented to the interested international structures.

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