President Serzh Sargsyan visits local organizations of Armenian National Parties in Argentina

On his official visit to Argentina President Serzh Sargsyan today visited the local organizations of the Armenian national parties – the ARF, the AGBU, the ADL – and familiarized with the cultural, charitable and sports activities of those organizations, as well as with the works carried out by the local Armenian periodicals.

During the reception at the center of Armenia Cultural Association after Edward Seferian the president thanked for the activities carried out by the center and for the warm hospitality extended to the Armenian delegation. At the reception the representatives of the center handed a present carrying the note “We are honest soldiers” to the Armenian President. On this occasion, the acknowledgment speech of Serzh Sargsyan reads, “These words impose a high responsibility because everyone of us is a soldier; a soldier within the framework of his duties, a soldier within the framework of his responsibility, a soldier for his ideal, and I am very delighted that our national organizations and our national parties make us to be proud and this is by what we are distinguished from others. I perfectly understand that our opponents try to be active not only in this part of the world, but also in other parts. They try to pursue their interests, and we do not have the right to accuse them of that since it is their duty to do it. Our goal is to reinvigorate efforts at keeping this fire burning in the coming generation thereby reinforcing the Armenian statehood on one hand and strengthening the Diaspora and our organizations on the other hand. We can make each other stronger. Together we can do a lot. I perfectly understand the aim of their activities in South America – Argentina, Uruguay – and in other places. They also put their efforts in places where we are stronger. Nevertheless, if we are to lose this battle, after a long period of time we will be substituted by others. I am confident that this will never happen. On the contrary, I am confident that the number of our buildings and our supporters will continue to grow. Indeed, owing to this ideal, we are all soldiers, yes, we are soldiers, and we will continue to be soldiers. This is the only way to strengthen Armenia. I am very grateful for your warm reception. Thank you. Together we can do a lot.”

At the AGBU Serzh Sargsyan presented his appreciation for the warm reception and in the honorary guest book of the Union underscored that the Armenian authorities highly appreciate the patriotic activities carried out by the Union in the Diaspora, especially in those communities which are geographically far from our Motherland. “What I saw here is impressive and promising. I wish the AGBU center of Buenos Aires to keep on carrying out its patriotic mission with the same zeal and devotion in the name of the rise and long life of our people.”

At the editorial office of the Sardarapat newspaper the Armenian President stressed that he is very proud of our compatriots who have found such an impressive national institution thousand km away from our historical հօmeland and continue to carry out with credit the mission of keeping the Armenian spirit alive. The Armenian President wished everybody inexhaustible vigor and strength in order to keep on working with the same devotion in the name of the rise and long life of our people. Moreover, the president wrote down the same words in the honorary guest book of the editorial office.

Today, the Armenian President took part in the official opening ceremony of Armenian Immigrants’ Square (Armenia) in Buenos Aires. Later on, the president held a meeting with representatives of the Armenian organizations in Argentina and benefactors. At the request of the president the meeting took place in a question-and-answer format during which Serzh Sargsyan answered the questions of the participants related to national preservation issues, the Armenia-Diaspora ties, regional challenges, Armenia’s internal and foreign policy, and its economic priorities, development opportunities and a number of other topics.

Today, President Serzh Sargsyan also visited Saint Grigor Lusavorich Church. The Armenian President laid a wreath at the memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide located in the yard of the church and paid tribute to the memory of the Armenian Genocide victims. In addition, the president placed flowers at the monument dedicated to the memory of the Artsakh freedom fighters.

Concluding its official visit to the Argentine Republic, the delegation led by President Serzh Sargsyan today will make a state visit to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

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