An official dinner in Argentina in honor of the Armenian President

An official dinner was held in honor of President Serzh Sargsyan who has arrived in the Argentine Republic on an official visit.

Toast by Serzh Sargsyan at official dinner held in honor of RA President

Honorable participants,

I consider it a great honor to arrive in the hospitable Argentine land on an official visit, and I am grateful for this warm reception. It is also a great pleasure to be in the city of “Fair Winds” and the international capital of tango Buenos Aires which in itself is full of the spirit and melodies of that dance. Availing myself of this opportunity, I would like to congratulate the friendly people of Argentina on the occasion of the coming holiday – Argentina’s Independence Day. Thanks to the freedom-loving vision of the initiators of the Argentine statehood General San Martin and others Argentines were able to lay down the foundation of their present achievements in the following centuries. I wish the friendly people of Argentina progress, well-being and successes.

Over the last two decades, plenty of work has been carried out to reinforce the Armenian-Argentine mutually beneficial cooperation and the close partnership ties. It is no accident that Armenia and Argentina established their first regional embassies exactly in each other’s capitals.

There are a number of promising cooperation spheres between Armenia and Argentina including industry, agriculture, information and high technologies, health service and others. Here we have already achieved praiseworthy successes: Argentina is Armenia’s third largest international investor. Of course, our beloved Argentine Armenian businessman Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian has also played a special role in achieving this important success.

The time has come to give a new meaning to Armenia’s cooperation with Latin American countries. We want Argentina to become a sort of a gate linking Armenia to the South American region. On the other hand, Armenia can link Argentina to the Customs Union and the CIS countries.

Armenians are very familiar with the rich Argentine culture – music, literature and cinematography. The annual tango festival held under the patronage of the Argentine embassy has become one of the most important events in Yerevan’s cultural life. As a memorable episode of our cultural ties, I suddenly remembered the ceremony of transferring the title of the 2012 international capital of books from Buenos Aires to Yerevan. It is quite appropriate to quote the words of the great Borges here: “Everyone imagines Paradise in his own way; since childhood I have imagined it as a huge library.”

Ladies and gentlemen,

Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Argentina, President de Kirchner ad his husband of blessed memory President Nestor Kirchner for greatly contributing to the process of recognizing and condemning the Armenian Genocide. This is very urgent ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide when Armenians spread all over the world and the entire civilized mankind are going to pay tribute to the memory of the innocent victims within the framework of the centenary.

Argentine Armenians have played an invaluable role in enhancing the friendship between the Armenian and Argentine people. A big portion of our compatriots fled to these distant and hospitable shores as a result of the Armenian Genocide which had taken place in the Ottoman Empire. Indeed, it is true that in the time of trouble you will never know where the consolation and hope will come from. We are eternally grateful to Argentina for receiving with open arms the Armenians who had suffered Mets Eghern, giving them refuge and an opportunity to start a new life. Along with proudly calling themselves Argentines, Argentine Armenians are proud of their Armenian origins, rich national culture and traditions.

Dear friends,

Being in Buenos Aires at the time of the FIFA World Cup, it is impossible to pass by that most favorite sport popular not only in Argentina but also in Armenia. For our young generation Argentina is first of all a football superpower, the country of Maradona and Messi. I would like to assure you that an extensive part of Armenia’s population is supporting your national football team to whom I wish great success.

Concluding my speech, I would like to raise a glass to the health of Mrs. President, to the glory of Argentina, its talented, hard-working and laborious people and for the benefit of the Armenian-Argentine enduring friendship.

Long live Armenia and Argentina.
Long live the Armenian-Argentine friendship.

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