We should create our peace relying on our own force

Artak Barseghyan



The tension registered recently at several parts of Armenian-Azerbaijani line of contact is an evidence for the fact that the ceasefire regime, which came into force 20 years ago, does not serve as a guarantee of stability and peace.

Strengthening the position of Armenian Armed Forces on the border near Nakhichevan is a serious achievement for us, especially taking into consideration the fact that the strategic summit is in Armenian territory.

The former military emissary Vova Vardanov spoke about this with pride, as, according to him, that summit allows to keep a considerably large area under control and to follow all the movements of adversary’s armed forces. The existence of tension is not a surprise for the former military. Moreover, he thinks that creating an atmosphere of fright will be the key tool for the counteraction, which will become possible through little but quite reasonable military actions.

In addition to this, the politologist Sergey Shakatyants mentioned in turn that the current situation dictates its strict rules which cannot be left out of attention. He added that very often the peace is reached through pressure and obligations, rather than through peaceful negotiations.

In any case we should rely on our own potential, as the military allies, supplying the adversary with military arsenal, seem not to be very trustworthy.

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