Lattakia Governor, Armenian Ambassador discuss the situation in Kessab

Lattakia Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdelqader on Tuesday discussed with Armenian Ambassador in Damascus Arshak Poladian the situation in the city of Kessab, SANA reported.

The Governor detailed the scale of the destruction caused to the city by rebel groups, , suggesting that Armenia could provide aid to restore the city, particularly in light of the economic embargo imposed on Syria.

Sheikh Abdelqader said that basic services and infrastructure have been restored by 70% in Kessab, noting that the rebels stole power transformers and water pumps and sabotaged wells, phone equipment, and the town’s health center.

He added that supplies have been provided for the town in preparation for the locals’ return, noting that the government will help local farmers by providing free pesticides and reimbursing them for stolen and damaged farm machinery.

In turn, Poladian affirmed Armenia’s condemnation of all forms of terrorism, asserting that Syria has always been a home for Armenians throughout history.

He affirmed his country’s readiness to help the town of Kessab and its people. This is Poladian’s second visit to the town of Kessab to inspected the situation there.

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