Putin ratifies cooperation agreements with Armenia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed laws on the ratification of two cooperation agreements with Armenia and a treaty on good-neighborly and allied relations with Kazakhstan. The documents ratified earlier by Russia’s lower and upper houses were posted on the official web portal for legal information on Monday, the Voice of Russia reports.

They include an agreement between Russia and Armenia on military and technical cooperation, signed in Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, in June last year and regulating mutual military supplies for the two countries’ armed forces, law enforcement agencies and security services. Under the accord, Russia and Armenia will maintain military deliveries under contracts made by the two sides’ designated institutions without the need for import/export licenses.

The president also signed a law on ratification of an intergovernmental agreement with Armenia on cooperation in commodity supplies to the South Caucasus republic. The document signed during Putin’s visit to Yerevan in December last year, stipulates Russia’s duty-free supplies of petroleum products, natural gas and natural uncut diamonds to Armenia before the later joins the Eurasian integration space based on the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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