PM Hovik Abrahamyan congratulates President Sargsyan on 60th birthday

Esteemed Mr President,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your 60th birth anniversary. I wish you robust health and happiness.

Your birthday anniversary is the cumulative reflection of Armenia’s independence and Artsakh’s sovereignty, our victories and achievements on the battlefield and in the nation-building process.

All your life and activities have been devoted to the noble cause of reinvigorating the Motherland and ensuring welfare for the Armenian people. You stood at the outset of the new Armenian statehood and the fight for the liberation of Artsakh. With your selfless dedication you set an example for future generations.

The Republic of Armenia is today an important political factor in the region. Under your guidance, we have overcome many challenges, both internal and external. You continue to implement a policy aimed at the strengthening of the Armenian statehood, providing security to the people of Armenia, ensuring our country’s economic recovery.

I am confident that under your leadership and through your immediate efforts we will record new achievements.

Mr President, congratulating you once again on the Jubilee, I would like to express conviction that your knowledge and experience will continue to serve the Republic of Armenia for the sake all Armenians.

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