Huge sinkhole near World Cup stadium could cause problems

A sinkhole has opened up in Natal, Brazil, just four miles away from the Arena das Dunas stadium, the stadium that’s set to play host to Italy’s Group D clash with Uruguay on Tuesday, The Score reports.

Favela residents have been evacuated and no deaths or injuries have been reported.

The sinkhole first appeared earlier in the week due to heavy rains. Homes have been destroyed, with additional property damage expected as it continues to grow.

The World Cup stadium has hosted three games already: Mexico v. Cameroon on June 13; United States v. Ghana on June 16; Japan v. Greece on June 19, and there are concerns about next Tuesday’s fixture given the recent events.

The sinkhole is near a busy road and nearly 150 families have been evacuated. Relief efforts will be provided to the evacuated residents as officials evaluate a strategy for the sinkhole, stabilizing the soil and the surrounding area while repairing the drainage system.

Additional homes could be affected if the sinkhole continues to grow. The Geological Survey of Brazil is putting together a report which will estimate the overall cost as well as whether the destroyed homes can be rebuilt in the same location.

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