Consultations between Armenian and Israeli Foreign Ministries

Diplomatic and political consultations between the Foreign Ministries of the Republic of Armenia and the State of Israel were held at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

From the Armenian side the delegation was headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Manasaryan, the Israeli delegation was led by Ambassador Anna Azari, Director General for Eurasia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

The parties discussed a wide range of issues on the agenda of Armenian-Israeli relations related to the further development and deepening of mutually beneficial ties in the political, economic and humanitarian fields.

Reference was made to issues of promoting the mutual investments. The parties emphasized the importance of cooperation within the framework of international organizations and stressed the importance of reciprocal visits.

The delegation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Tsitsernakaberd. They laid flowers at the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims and visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

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