Public participation in peacemaking processes

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian Center for National and International Studies presented today the results of the study on “Public participation and multi-layer diplomatic mechanisms in peacemaking processes: Lessons from Northern Ireland. The project has been supported by a number of international organizations and funded by the European Union.

Armenian and Azerbaijani experts have visited the conflict zone to study the Northern Ireland conflict. Co-author of the study Gegham Baghdasaryan says they examined the experience of Northern Ireland, as it is considered a conflict with a successful model of settlement. Although the conflict is still unsolved, the expert notes an essential factor here – the conflict is considered successfully solved if a peace treaty has been signed.

According to the experts, public participation is very important for solving conflicts; all parties should have a say. They consider, however, that this is not applicable to the Karabakh conflict, as media is not fully free on either side and cannot present opinions differing from the official one. 

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