Thomas de Wall: Resumption of war possible, but not likely

Gita Elibekyan
Public Radio of Armenia

There is a possibility of resumption of war, although a small one, Thomas de Waal, a senior associate for the Caucasus at the Carnegie Endowment, told Public Radio of Armenia. He added, however, that starting a war will be a great risk for Azerbaijan. The British experts is on a visit to Tbilisi now to present the Russian edition of his republished book titled “Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War.”

The book presents the details of the Karabakh conflict and its consequences. Part contemporary history, part travel book, part political analysis, the book is based on six months traveling through the South Caucasus, more than 120 original interviews in the region, Moscow, and Washington, as well as unique archive materials.

Ten years after the book was first published, the author says much has changed, but what’s the most important is that the conflict has not been solved.

“I think the conflict will be solved, when the parties reach the psychological point to understand that they should work together, not against each other, towards the common goal of having a new and peaceful Caucasus. But the moment has not come yet,” Thomas de Waal said.

In the new publication the author has added the changes in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Artsakh over the past years.

“The probably of resumption of war is small, but it’s still there. The only party that could start war is Azerbaijan, but it’s a big risk. In a few days it will lose everything it has created over years,” the expert said.

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