Donations urgently needed to assist Aleppo Armenians under attack

The ARS of Eastern United States expressed its grave concern and deep sadness today at the recent escalation in attacks on the Armenian neighborhoods of Aleppo, Syria, and condemned the violence. Several Armenians have been killed in the past week and sources in Syria say that over 60 mortar bombs have fallen in Armenian-populated areas. Thousands of Armenians have been left homeless in Aleppo and the area has been officially declared a disaster zone.
The ARS Eastern region urges its members, supporters, and friends in the community to make their heartfelt donations at this time to support the ARS’s emergency relief programs in Syria. Recent bombing has destroyed vital infrastructural elements in these neighborhoods, including homes, schools, churches, and other buildings. Water shortages have reached crisis levels, and residents have had to resort to boiling river water to drink. The recent destruction and violence compounds the challenges that Armenians in Syria have already been facing for the duration of the conflict, and makes the ARS’s relief efforts simultaneously more difficult and more urgently needed than ever before.
The ARS Eastern region Chairwoman, Ani Attar, stressed the urgency of the situation. “Our hearts are breaking for our brothers and sisters in Syria, and we are praying for their safety. They are counting on us and we will do everything in our power to assist them, through your moral and financial support.”
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