EAFJD condemns the continued attacks on Aleppo

The European Armenian for Justice and Democracy has issued a statement condemning the continuing attacks against the Armenian population in Syria and urging the European Union to exercise pressure on Turkey to stop arming the rebel groups. The statement is provided below:

“From the very beginning of the civil war in Syria, the Armenian Community in Aleppo has suffered, big losses in lives, injuries and properties, being in the center of the battleground between the Army and the opposition forces. The situation has been deteriorated the last period, from the moment that in the area the main forces fighting against the army, are the Al Qaeda affiliated forces.

There is no doubt that those extremist rebel forces, are armed by Turkey and entering from there, do not fight against the armed forces, but basically their attacks are aimed against the population in the cities and villages. Recently, they attacked the Armenian populated town of Kessab, entering from Turkey, forcing the entire population to evacuate the town and find shelter in the city of Latakia. During the last days those forces entering again from Turkey are attacking Aleppo, targeting basically the Armenian populated neighborhoods and especially Nor Kyough.

As reported by news agencies also, incessant rocket fire against the Nor Kyough neighborhood, from the Al Qaeda affiliated forces, are endangering the lives of the population and are causing massive destruction. Armenian churches, schools, institutions, houses and stores are in complete or partial destruction, making life unbearable for the citizens of the town, thus causing a new wave of evacuation towards Latakia, which is already overflowing with Armenian refugees from the insurgence of the terrorist groups in Kessab early this spring

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy condemns these continuing attacks against the Armenian population in Syria. There is no doubt that those Al Qaeda affiliated forces are considering now their target the Armenian towns and neighborhoods and there is evidence that these growing attacks are being encouraged by third countries and especially Turkey, where those groups are armed and circulate freely between the borders of Turkey and Syria, besides all the fake assurances of Turkey for the contrary.

We call on the European Union, that it is time to stop acting as it does until now and condemn strongly the above attacks and to exercise pressure on Turkey to stop arming those rebel groups and sending them to Syria to attack Armenian towns and neighborhoods. We call on all governments, especially those who are supporting the opposition forces to immediately use their leverage to halt the attacks on the Armenian neighborhoods. These governments which do not work to end the operation will be considered moral accomplices in the anti-Armenian attacks and all the other crimes perpetrated by those extremist groups.

We call on the Syrian authorities to initiate immediate measures to secure the physical safety of the unarmed civilians, aspiring to leave in safety and peace in their towns and neighborhoods.

The Armenian nation who has suffered a genocide perpetrated by Turkey and other terrible situations, has survived and will not tolerate any new plans to mass attacks against our compatriots in Syria and will respond accordingly all over the world to protect them.”

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