Message of His Holiness, Catholicos Karekin II on the First Armenian Republic Day

From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, with paternal love we are extending our blessings and congratulations to our children in Armenia and throughout the Diaspora on the occasion of the First Armenian Republic Day.

In 1918 our people courageously defended our Homeland during the heroic battles in May and established the first Armenian Republic overcoming hardships and challenges. The reestablishment of statehood was the outcome of a long liberation struggle of our people, their unfaltering faith and united spirit.

The Republic Day is an invitation and encourages all of us today to fervently contribute to the reinforcement of our statehood, the prosperity of our country, the welfare of our people and the realization of our national visions.

Dear faithful people, we believe that notwithstanding the current challenges, through combined efforts and steadfast spirit we will continue with forging a new life, and a joyous and bright future with our native statehood.

We pray that God keep our statehood strong under His Holy Right Hand, supporting the Armenian nation dispersed throughout the world and granting success to all our efforts for the love of the Homeland.

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