Edward Nalbandian: International community worried about Azerbaijan’s armament

The Minsk Group Co-Chairs will probably visit Azerbaijan in a few days, because the last time they visited the region the Azerbaijani leadership was out of the country,” Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalabandian told reporters today.

Asked whether he’s concerned by the fact that the rival continues to arm, Mr. Nalbandian said: “This worries the whole international community and the co-chairing countries, who constantly urge to take corresponding steps to reinforce the ceasefire, withdraw the snipers form the line of contact and create a mechanism for investigation of border incidents.”

As for tomorrow’s meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council to be held in Astana, the Minister refrained from giving a precise answer as to whether Armenia will sign any document.

“If we were to sign anything, we would declare about it,” he said.

Edward Nalbandian said Armenia recognizes the presidential elections in Ukraine. “If the President of the Republic of Armenia has congratulated the newly elected President of Ukraine, this could not mean anything different,” he said. 

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