World powers do not want escalation in Karabakh

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Discussions on the Karabakh issue have intensified in the recent period. Politicians Rafik Petrosyan and Sos Gimishyan consider this is connected with geopolitical changes.

According to Sos Gimishyan, the world is getting multi-polar today, and both Armenia and Karabakh cannot stay apart from these geopolitical changes. He sees certain danger here. He advises to be cautious about outer signals and solve own issues with own approaches.

“I’m a proponent of the struggle for the self-determination of our people, but I stand against the influence of any outer forces,” Gimishyan told reporters today.

Representative of the Republican Party of Armenia Rafik Petrosyan said, in turn, the world powers are not interested in escalation in Karabakh. “With Warlick’s statement the US wanted to demonstrate it’s the master of the world,” he said.

He’s confident that the activeness of the two other co-chairing countries – Russia and France – is a counterbalance to this. He agrees that the being guided by external forces in the Karabakh issue is impermissible.

“This is the issue, where we should be guided exceptionally by the interests of Armenia and Karabakh.

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