Tribute to the memory of Pontic Greeks

Vice-Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov, MPs, the Ambassador of Greece to Armenia Ioannis Taghis, clergymen, representatives of the Greek community of Armenia visited Tsutsernakarerd today and laid wreaths at the memorial to the Armenian Genocide victims. With a minute of silence they honored the memory of the victims of the genocide of Pontic Greeks perpetrated by Ottoman Turkey in Asia Minor.

Noting that the authorities of the Republic of Armenia are doing their best to reach condemnation of the genocides against Christian peoples organized and perpetrated by Ottoman Turkey, Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov reminded that on April 24, 2011 the Armenian Parliament urged the international community to condemn not only the genocide of Armenians, but also that of Assyrians and Greeks.

“We must struggle aimed at protecting human rights and restoring historical justice,” Sharmazanov said.

Greek Ambassador to Armenia Ioannis Taghis also condemned the genocide against Armenians and Pontic Greeks and noted that the Greek Parliament officially recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

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