Arthur Abraham: Together with the WBO title I regained peace of mind

Lilit Muradyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Arthur Abraham, who recently retained his WBO super middleweight belt, met with reporters in Yerevan today.  The boxer confessed he had lost his sleep before regaining the title.

“Together with the WBO title I regained peace of mind,” he said. “I like to be a winner both in sports and in life,” he added.

The boxer will return to Germany in a few days and will continue the training.

“I had to box the fight with my left, as the fingers on my right hand were broken. Of course my rival did not know about it in order not to get a psychological privilege,” Abraham said.

Arthur Abraham plans to continue his professional boxing career at least for the coming two years. After that he’ll enjoy life, but won’t return to Armenia.

“I developed as a sportsman in Germany, I have other businesses there. It will be hard to control everything from Armenia. However, I have always maintained ties with Armenia, as I love my Motherland,” he said.

Stressing the importance of his latest achievement, Arthur that keeping the title is the priority now. He has two fights ahead in August and December.

Football in Arthur Abraham’s hobby: he cheers for Barcelona and follows the Armenian national team with a particular interest. He plans to attend the Germany vs. Armenia friendly in Mainz on June 6.

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