Armenian FM: Turkey should follow Germany’s example and recognize the Genocide

“Today a large number of Jews live in Germany, but no one would dare to put under question the reality of the Holocaust. Turkey had better follow Germany’s example through recognition, condemnation and apology,” Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said at the National Assembly.

“In 1915 Talaat told Germany’s Consul General that there is no Armenian question, because there are no more Armenians. 99 years later Armenians together with the international community struggle for the exclusion of new genocides, new crimes against humanity and wait for civilized steps from Turkey,” he said.

The comments come after Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the fact of Armenians living in Turkey today proves there was no genocide.

Referring to Azerbaijan’s forthcoming presidency of the Council of Europe, Minister Nalbandian said: “The Council of Europe senior officials have already raised that issue. Last week CoE Commissioner for Human Rights made two statements, according to which the situation with the fundamental freedoms, particularly freedom of speech and human rights, in general, is deteriorating in Azerbaijan.”

“We are well aware that expressions of Armenophobia, intolerance, hate-speech have become usual phenomena in Azerbaijan. I think that not only a CoE chairmanship by such a country, but also its membership is not to the honor of the Organization,” the Minister said.

Edward Nalbandian said Armenia raises the issue of the expressions of Armenophobia in Azerbaijan. “Those expressions are so gross, that are obvious and apparent.”

“For instance, what means yesterday’s statement by the Azerbaijani head of police that the inhumane treatment of Leyla Yunus is justified by her supposed Armenian origin. A number of such expressions are well-known in the Council of Europe and in other organizations.”

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