Armenian Genocide remains a closed topic in Turkey

Armine Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Turkish society is changing today thanks to the Kurdish and the Liberal Islamic political movements, member of the National Council of Western Armenians, MP Aragats Akhoyan said today at the roundtable discussion on “The Perspectives of Justice for Western Armenians.”

Turkish journalist, member of the Turkish Greens Party Adnan Genc is on his seventh visit to Armenia. “The issue of the Armenian Genocide is still a closed topic in Turkey, and Armenians of Turkey are still treated as foreigners,” Adnan Genc said, speaking to Public Radio of Armenia.

According to him, for five years now people have been gathering at Taksim Square in Istanbul to commemorate the Armenian Genocide victims, but these five years are not enough to break the taboos.

Turkish political and public figure Ufuk Uras said that the Armenian Genocide issue does not refer to the past only, it’s a question of the future of both Armenian and Turkish societies. “We want equality in Turkey. People should live committed to their religious and linguistic beliefs, and this freedom should be consolidated by the Constitution,” he said.

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