Urgent call from the French Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church to aid Kessab’s refugees

At dawn of March 21, 2014, the Armenian families of Kessab and surrounding villages in Syria were attacked by Al-Qaida’s affiliated military forces and forced to get refuge in the town of Latakia, with only their necessary belongings. Some of these families are sheltered by parents or friends, while others have found asylum in SourpAsvadzadzinChurch. All of these families require help in order to meet the most urgent needs of their members, including children and elders.

The French diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church appeals the Armenian Diaspora to help this sister community in distress. The French branch of the Armenian Fund, a unitary humanitarian organization renowned for its transparency and efficiency, has accepted to channel the collected donations to the beneficiaries as it has already doneIt urges the donors to send their donations to the Fonds Arménien de France, at the following address:

Fonds Arménien de France
BP 12, 75660 Paris Cedex 14
With the mention : “donation for Kessab”
You can also donate through the website :

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