Deal struck to calm Ukraine crisis, US and Russia say

Russia’s foreign minister and the US secretary of state have said that all sides have agreed to steps to “de-escalate” the crisis in Ukraine, the BBC reports.

Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry spoke at separate news conferences at the end of the talks between Russia, Ukraine, the EU and US in the Swiss city of Geneva.

Mr Lavrov and Mr Kerry said there was agreement that all illegal military formations in Ukraine must be dissolved, and that everyone occupying buildings must be disarmed and leave them.

They added that there would be an amnesty for all anti-government protesters under the agreement.

Mr Lavrov said the crisis must be settled by Ukrainians themselves and there must be long-term constitutional reforms.

Mr Kerry said the extent of the crisis had been highlighted in recent days by the “grotesque” sending of notices to Jews in eastern Ukraine, demanding that they identify themselves as Jewish.

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