Bakur Karapetyan presents new book on massacres in Margushevan and Maraga

Lilit Muradyan
Public Radio of Armenia

President of the “Shushi” Charity Fund, writer and publisher Bakur Karapetyan presented today his new book titled “Margushevan, Maraga,” in which he presents details of the massacres in these two settlements. “There was scarce information about the events, and I tried to fill that gape,” the author told reporters.

It was on this day 22 years ago that the Azerbaijani army, supported by Soviet forces, broke the defense line of the Maragh and Margushevan villages and massacred the peaceful civilians. Bakur Karapetyan’s new book is called to inform the international community about these events and break the silence on the issue.

The author is confident that the silence of the international community is unacceptable. “What happened in Maragha was the continuation of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the massacres in Sumgayit and Baku,” he said.

The civilized world did not react to the tragedy of Margagha and Margushavan. Contrary to that, the Azerbaijani propaganda machine raised great noise around the Khojalu events, presenting lies for truth.

What happened in the two villages was terrible. Sixty-nine people were brutally killed in Maragha, and 30 people died in Margushavan, where Bakur Karapetyan was born and raised.

Karapetyan traveled to Russia to talk to the survivors of the massacre and the witnesses.

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