MP Maria Mourani calls on the Canadian Government to act on Kessab

Following the attack on Kessab, Syria, the MP for Ahuntsic, Maria Mourani, called on the Canadian government to take action:

“The primarily Armenian-inhabited village of Kessab in Syria was recently attacked by armed men, including possible jihadists from the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front, who allegedly passed through the Turkish border. This is similar to what happened in the Christian village of Maaloula. Another minority group has become a victim of this dirty war.

“Will the Minister of Foreign Affairs confirm this information and call on Turkey to take the action necessary to prevent the incursion of armed gangs that are terrorizing civilians?”

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs responded:

“I thank the member for raising this question. It is very important that Canada work with its allies to ensure there is stability in the Middle East and in that region. We will continue to work with the government of Turkey and with other allies in that area to ensure that safety is of prime concern, considering what is happening in the region, and I would be more than happy to give her more information later on in the day.”

“Kessab is not just another Syrian village. It is a historic Armenian town where some found refuge during the 1915 genocide. When towns such as Kessab or the Christian town of Maaloula are attacked, not only is it a heinous crime against civilians, but it is also a direct attack on minorities and historic sites in the Middle East. Kessab and Maaloula are treasures for all of humanity,” said Maria Mourani.

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