Artwork by ‘Dr. Death’ Jack Kevorkian goes on sale for $45,000 each

Artwork by medic nicknamed ‘Dr. Death’ who was sent to prison for helping 130 patients commit suicide goes on sale for $45,000 each, the Daily Mail reports.

He was a contentious euthanasia activist who claimed to have assisted in the suicides of more than 130 patients, spending eight years in prison on murder charges as a result of one case.

Now the secret artworks of the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian – a Michigan-based American Armenian physician who bore the notorious nickname ‘Dr. Death’ – have gone on display at a Los Angeles gallery and are available for purchase, with some costing up to $45,000 each.

It was little-known that the pathologist was an amateur painter, with his career solely focused on inflaming a nationwide debate in the 1990’s about a terminally ill person’s right to die.

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