Andranik Ispiryan: Erdogan’s “glorious era” is coming to an end

Karen Ghazaryan
Public radio of Armenia

The domestic political passions have reached the peak in Turkey ahead of the elections. Expert of Turkish studies Andranik Ispiryan says Erdogan and his party face the threat of losing two important pillars – Ankara and Istanbul.

“Erdogan’s “glorious era” is coming to an end,” he said, adding that the local self-government elections will determine the sentiments ahead of the presidential poll in August.

Andranik Ispiryan disagrees with the opinion of some analysts that Armenia benefits from Erdogan’s government. He considers that the victory of opposition candidates in Istanbul and Ankara will not have any negative impact on the Armenian community.

Speaking about the recent leaked recording connected with Syria, the expert said “these revelations actually pursue the purpose of demonstrating that the authorities are taking the country to a war and bloodshed because of their interests.”

The Turkish authorities are trying to use this to their benefit, showing that it’s a matter of national security, Ispiryan said, adding, however, that this is an obvious plot. So far only the UN has responded, saying it does not encourage the supply of weapons to the opposition. According to the expert, the criticism was too mild.

Ispiryan said that unlike the cleansings in other Armenian settlements, the Armenian media were quick to respond to the events in Kessab, which produced results.

As for the statement of the Turkish side that it’s ready to host Kessab Armenians, the expert said it’s a demonstration of cynicism and mockery.

Ispiryan considers the West will still react, after which Russia will also respond.

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