Armenian Assembly of America urges President Obama to safeguard the Armenians of Kessab

The Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) condemns the attacks on Armenian communities in Syria and the greater Middle East, including the seizure and desecration of ancient Armenian religious sanctuaries. The Assembly is particularly concerned that the extremists crossed the Syrian border from Turkey and attacked Kessab.

In its March 24th letter to President Obama, the Assembly called upon the Administration to safeguard Christian Armenians, not only in Kessab, Syria, but throughout Syria and the Middle East.

“We call on President Obama to take all steps necessary to not only safeguard the Christian Armenian community of Kessab, but to increase efforts in coordination with the United Nations to ensure that all minority communities are afforded greater protection. In addition, we urge President Obama to make it publicly clear that the United States will not tolerate its NATO ally’s policy of providing support to extremist groups,” the Assembly’s letter to President Obama stated.

“For Armenian Americans, current images of Armenian homes being looted and occupied in Kessab, and innocent lives tragically lost, invoke painful memories of the early phases of the first genocide of the 20th century at the hands of Ottoman Turks,” read the Assembly letter.

The Assembly, for its part, has and will continue to reach out directly to Members of Congress and the Obama Administration urging that the Christian Armenian community in Kessab be safeguarded. In addition, the Assembly has urged the Administration to redouble its overall humanitarian efforts for Syria’s Christian and minority refugees and displaced.

“The Assembly will continue to press for action with an urgent appeal for immediate relief and assistance to the Armenians of Kessab,” added Ardouny.

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