Syrian Armenians demand to condemn Turkish role in Kessab events

Hasmik Martirosyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Representatives of the Aleppo national authorities Nerses Sardisian and Karo Yuzbashian met with journalists in Yerevan to speak about the Kessab events and the future of Syrian Armenians. They believe Armenians will once return to Kessab and there is no need in sending volunteer groups to Syria. They say the issue should not be speculated.

Turks opened the border and helped the terrorists enter Armenian-populated Kessab, the Syrian Armenians said, urging the international community to condemn Turkey’s actions.

“The Turkish factor in Kessab was apparent both in their political support, and their contribution to the incursion of armed bands into Syria. The Armenian authorities can use this fact to reveal the real face of Turkey ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide,” Karo Yuzbashian said.

Nerses Sargisian said several Armenian families did not manage to leave the city, and their fate is unknown. Most of those, who managed to escape, have found refuge in Latakia and have to wait for a while before returning home.

Will this lead to another inflow of Syrian Armenians to Armenia? Karo Yuzbashian said the first direction of every Syrian Armenia leaving the country is Armenia or Artsakh. The farmers settle in Arsakh, while craftsmen prefer Armenia.

The Syrian Armenians stressed it’s important for international structures to condemn the role of Turkey in the recent events like the Armenian National Committees in Europe and the US did.

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