ARS allocates $125,000 to Armenian community in Syria

In its 22nd plenary meeting, held from March 20-24 in Boston, the Armenian Relief Society Central Executive Board discussed various functions being planned for the 100th Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide in 2015, the Armenian Weekly reports.

In addition, as part of its full humanitarian agenda, the Central Executive Board focused particular attention on assistance projects for the Syrian-Armenian community.

In view of the recent armed aggression on Kessab, Syria, with obvious Turkish military assistance, which has resulted in the forced evacuation of its Armenian population, and after numerous contacts with the local and ARS Syria regional officials, the board voted to help the Kessab refugees now sheltered in Latakia with an allocation of $15,000 to cover their immediate basic needs.

With regard to the on-going assistance program, it was also decided:

  • To continue, unabated, the active participation of ARS entities in the united community efforts;
  • To allocate, at this juncture, $25,000 to the on-going “Warm Meal” project, started in November, 2012;
  • To allocate $75,000 to the “School Fund” for the present academic year, within the context of the aid to Syrian-Armenian schools; and
  • To allocate $10,000 via ARS Syria Executive Board, to programs designed to meet the Aleppo Armenians’ basic needs.
  • Encouraged by the total commitment of the world-wide ARS entities, the Central Executive Board follows the critical situation in Syria, formulating new assistance programs as the need arises.
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