Events in Crimea will not lead to a war, political scientist says

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Developments show that Russia has regained its place and its reinforcing its position in the regions, President of the Political Research Center NGO Alexander Manasyan told reporters today. He considers that Europe will not apply strict sanctions.

“If we look at the issue from the viewpoint of collision of two civilizations, the position of the West on the Crimea issue was not more flexible,” the political scientist said.

Alexander Manasyan says one should not link the Crime developments to the Karabakh issue. According to him, the Minsk Group Co-chairs will continue to pretend nothing has happened.

Manasyan says the process has just started and we are at a turning point. He does not think, however, that Crimean issue will lead to a world war.

“The world powers are not crazy to start war,” the political scientist said.

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