Academy of Justice opens in Yerevan

President Serzh Sargsyan today attended the opening ceremony of the Academy of Justice in Yerevan. The President of Armenia toured the building of the Academy, familiarized with conditions, talked to the executives managing the Academy and implementing current activities, as well as to the first participants involved in educational activities, President’s Press Office reported.

The Academy of Justice was established through the RA Government’s N990-A Decree of September 13, 2013. The founder is the Republic of Armenia, while the authorized government body representing the founder is the Ministry of Justice.

The goals of the Academy’s activities are to foster obtaining the necessary skills and widening the professional knowledge of the persons included in the candidate list of judges and prosecutors, continual improving the competence and the professional knowledge of acting judges, prosecutors, judicial officers, civil servants of the Staff of the Prosecutor’s Office and judicial managers, gradual approaching the educational programs of the persons included in the candidate list of judges and prosecutors, as well as the implementation of joint educational programs.

The objective of the Academy of Justice is to bring to life completely new approaches pertaining to the professional training and retraining of judges and prosecutors and stemming from the 2012-2016 Strategic Program of Legal and Judicial Reforms endorsed by the RA President.

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