Are Crimea and Karabakh alike?

Anna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

“The events in Ukraine are the result of a geopolitical confrontation between the West and Russia,” political scientist Aram Manukyan told a press conference today. He said that the referendum in Crimea cannot serve as a precedent for the other regions of Ukraine. As regards Karabakh, he said: “Russia will not spoil the relations with Azerbaijan, but will not demonstrate an anti-Armenian position, either.”

According to the political scientist, the Crimea referendum has caused trouble in Azerbaijan, because the similarities between Crimea and Karabakh are evident. However, “the international law works only when there is a powerful force standing behind the given country. There are still no prerequisites to assume the Karabakh conflict will be solved soon.”

Expert Manvel Sargsyan sees no similarities between the Karabakh issue and Crimea. “These are different political issues,” Sargsyan said, speaking to Public Radio of Armenia. He voiced concern that the OSCE Minsk Group could be dissolved soon.

Manvel Sargsyan does not share the opinion that the Crimean referendum was Russia’s victory. “This is an illusion. In reality Russia is not the master of the situation, as it tries to present,” he said.

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