Armenian-owned pizzeria delivers pies, laughs at Oscars

In one of the Oscar’s most talked about moments, the sea of A-list celebrities sitting front row at the ceremony got a little more than the golden statue they were hoping, as host Ellen DeGeneres treated the likes of Martin Scorsese and Brad Pitt to some good old fashioned pizza, Ianyan Magazine reports.

The pizzas, carried on stage by a delivery boy came from none other than Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria, an L.A.-based, Armenian-American chain who is now garnering fans left and right. As Ellen walked around, offering pizza to Leonardo Dicaprio (who politely declined) and a pregnant Kerry Washington (who accepted and noted another pregnant woman nearby needed some too), the Big Mama’s representative kept his cool, delivering his pies like a pro.

At one point, Brad Pitt stepped in to help with paper plate distribution.

The chain, founded by Aro Agakhanyan who came to Los Angeles from Armenia when he was only 12-years-old has grown considerably to 20 locations across Southern California.

Since the age of 16, Agakhanyan worked at pizza chains as a cook while he was still going to school in Glendale, Calif. but the road to open his own pizza place was filled with years of challenges, he explained in an interview with celebrity and personality interviewer Gary James.

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