The Forgotten Land of Ancestors: Civilization originated in the Armenian Highland

Alisa Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“Civilization originated in the Armenian Highland and spread all over the world.” This is the scientific thesis underlying director Arsen Hakobyan’s new film “The Forgotten Land of Ancestors.” A number of foreign scholars accept and support the thesis.

“The God created the preface to world history in the Armenian Highland. In myths and epics, as well as in the Old Testament Armenia is mentioned as the Land of Ararat, the Promised Land, where the paradise on earth was located and where foreigners were seeking for wisdom and immortality. After the Great Flood the new civilization walked down the slope of Ararat with Noah spreading the good tidings on the beginning of new life and with the dove carrying an olive branch in its beak.” This is how the film “From Ararat to Europe” begins. It tells about the considerable and sometimes pivotal role of Armenians in church-building in Armenia and beyond its borders. The film reminds about Leonardo Da Vinci’s visit to Armenia, his letters about Armenia.

The director is now working on the second film of the series – “The Forgotten Land of Ancestors.” According to Arsen Hakobyan, the film is a powerful means of propaganda.

Summing up the overall idea underlying the film, expert of Armenian studies Hamlet Martirosyan said: “Civilization originated in Armenia and spread all over the world.”

“The Basks, Bavarians and Brits will be mentioned in the film as examples of the nations that kept in memory their origin and the idea that they come from Armenia,” Martirosyan said. He added that the film will present scientific proofs of the fact that in the course of 4,000 years the first group of people left the Armenian Highland and reached the British Isles, settling in the different part of Europe.

Martirosyan noted that today the science is inclined to believe that the civilization had one cradle, and this is not something new. “There is only one step missing here. No one links this to the ethos, the people, who created and spread this civilization all over the world,” he added.

According to Hamlet Martirosyan, our national memory never says we have come from somewhere, because we are natives.

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