Ukraine: Warrant issued for President Yanukovich’s arrest by interior ministry

An arrest warrant is out for President Yanukovich and several other officials, according to Ukraine’s acting interior minister on Monday, as speculation surrounds his whereabouts, The Independent reported.

The warrant comes after President Viktor Yanukovych fled for eastern Ukraine on Saturday, having been dismissed by the country’s MPs.

The ministry has accused him of mass crimes against protesters who stood up for months against his rule.

He allegedly tried to fly out of the country from Donetsk on Saturday but was stopped by Ukraine’s border service.

In a statement on his official Facebook page Monday, Arsen Avakhov says Mr Yanukovich arrived in Crimea on Sunday and relinquished his official security detail then drove off to an unknown location.

However, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry and Security Service in Crimea said on Monday that they had no such information.

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