Goodbye, Sochi: 22nd Winter Olympics come to a close

The XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi ended with a Closing Ceremony in the Fisht Olympic stadium. The ceremony, which provided a bright and emotional conclusion to the Games, was dedicated to Russian culture.

Spectators were accompanied on this journey by the little girl Lyubov (“Love”), who many are familiar with from the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Games, as well as by her friends Yura and Valentina.

The storyline of the Ceremonies referred to Russia’s rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in works of art, music, ballet, literature and circus art. The performance consisted of 14 chapters, each of which was a show in itself.

During the ceremony, the best sporting moments were displayed on the screens of the Fisht Stadium, enabling the audience to once again experience the emotions athletes and fans were overwhelmed with.

In the show’s finale, the Polar Bear, one of the mascots of the Games, put out the Olympic Flame to a remix of Aleksandra Pakhmutova’s song Goodbye, Moscow. This symbolic moment reminded spectators of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, and brought together Olympic generations. The Closing Ceremony ended with a spectacular fireworks show.

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