Improving the knowledge of Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Starting from 17 February 2014, the selected professionals from Armenia’s law enforcement and criminal justice community have started a five day intensive course on Basic Criminal Intelligence Analysis arranged by the EU Advisory Group. This course is conducted by Mr Peter Allan, managing director of the Allan Consultancy, a leading international provider of analysis training, and a former senior analyst with the National Criminal Intelligence Service (UK) and Europol.

Crime analysis is not widely known in Armenia, but is a tool used by law enforcement in many countries and in international agencies like Europol and Interpol. Steven David Brown, the EU Advisory Group policy advisor to law enforcement agencies, said, “Analysis is a significant tool in the crime fighter’s toolkit. It not only supports objective decision-making and effective resource management, but is also a key component of the intelligence-led policing approached adopted under the EU’s Hague Programme in 2004.”

Analysis gives operational or strategic value to data and information by identifying patterns and linkages between crimes and criminal behaviours so that smart choices can be made both in solving crime and in the deployment of police resources. This course is a necessary first step in the process of developing a sustainable capacity in crime analysis for Armenian law enforcement and will be followed by an initiative to train analysis trainers later in the year.


The course is accredited by the International Association of Criminal Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and is the entry level qualification to the IALEIA professional accreditation programme.

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