British MPs honor the memory of Armenian Genocide victims

The delegation of the British Group Inter-Parliamentary Union honored the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide today at the Tsiternakaberd Memorial and examined the British press archives from the collection of AGMI.

Head of the Armenian-British Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group John Witingdale said it was his third visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial. “It’s important to realize and never forget what happened one hindered years ago. Ahead of the Genocide centennial we are here to condemn it,” he said.

Member of the House of Representatives Stephen Pound said they are here to show that that the world never forgets the Armenian Genocide. “Civilized people all over the world should join to commemorate the vicious crime committed in Western Armenia,” Mr. Pound said, adding that he’s proud of the courage of the Armenian people.

Stephen Pound, MP from the Labor Party, initiated a discussion on Nagorno Karabakh at the House of Commons. 

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