Serzh Sargsyan: Azerbaijan has neither the capacity, nor the possibility to unleash war

“Azerbaijan has neither the capacity, nor the possibility to unleash large-scale war,” Armenian President Serzh Sarsgyan said at the 10th convention of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union, noting that the meeting takes place at a time, when there is “neither war, nor peace.”

“The Azerbaijani authorities are trying to create an impression that the struggle for Karabakh continues. Servicemen and civilians continue to die at the line of contact. These actions have nothing to do with war, this is simple manslaughter,” the President said.

“These killings aim to escalate the situation and keep the flame of hatred towards every Armenian and the whole Armenian nation burning,” he said adding that there is another objective of burning the bridges of peace, excluding the opportunities of understanding between the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples, preventing the two peoples from pardoning each other and preparing for peace.

“Today we have free Armenia and free Artsakh, which should become even freer. We have a great desire to live, and live well. No murderer is able to interrupt the millennia-long path of the Armenian nation,” the President said.

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