Shooting at Moscow school; two killed

Police say a student who killed a policeman and a teacher in a shooting at his school in northern Moscow has been “neutralized.”

The Interior Ministry said all students who had been taken hostage have been freed, RIA Novosti reports.

Officials said the attacker was a pupil at the school. It is unclear what motivated the attack.

Initial reports said the attacker overpowered a guard and broke into school 263 in the Otradnoye district of northeast Moscow.

The gunman, who was apparently a student in a senior class at the school, allegedly took several children hostage in a biology class. Another policeman was also injured in the attack.

Television footage showed the building being surrounded by police and fire emergency vehicles. State news broadcaster Rossiya-24 reported that an Emergencies Ministry helicopter had landed near the school and evacuated the injured policeman.

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