Ericsson Nikola Tesla to implement project for e-health system in Armenia

Armenia’s Government and Finance Ministry have chosen the Croatian company Ericsson Nikola Tesla to design and implement an e-health system in Armenia, the company reported on Wednesday, reports.

This pilot project is aimed at modernizing Armenia’s health care system by introducing modern information communication technologies to improve the quality of health services and patients’ satisfaction with the health care system, the company said in a statement released by the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

The project, which includes the implementation of a central hospital information system and a central integrated health care system, will last 95 days and cover six hospitals and insurance companies.

The head of the Armenian department in charge of implementing e-governance infrastructure (EKENG CJSC), Arthur Ghulyan, said the implementation of the project required streamlining Armenia’s entire health system by introducing modern information communication technologies which ensure medical services that are of high quality, reliable, affordable and cost-efficient.

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