Giro Manoyan: High time for Karabakh to join the talks

Armine Gevorgyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“It’s high time for the Nagorno Karabakh Republic to join the negotiations,” Giro Manoyan, Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Bureau’s Hay Dat and Political Affairs Office, told a press conference today. He added that Armenia should take steps towards the international recognition of NKR.

According to Manoyan, the “balanced approach” of the West makes it an accomplice in Azerbaijan’s policy.

“Although Azerbaijan does not want to start war, the threat of resumption of military actions increases because of the ceasefire violations at the line of contact,” Manoyan said. He considers Azerbaijan aims to foil the talks as the country is dissatisfied with the process of negotiations. Meanwhile, he believes the international community has come to understand over the past 14-15 years that the return of Nagorno Karabakh under Azerbaijan’s jurisdiction is impossible.

According to Giro Manoyan, our diplomacy should be more initiating, and steps should be taken towards international recognition of Nagorno Karabakh. At the same time, the international community has to take up the responsibility to force Azerbaijan accept the reality.

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