Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire over 1,500 times in the past week

Early this week the Azerbaijani side undertook simultaneous subversive attacks in the northeastern and southeastern parts of the line of contact between the armed forces of Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, but retreated after facing a strong resistance from the Armenian side.

“With this provocative actions Azerbaijan is trying to show that it disagrees with the geopolitical situation established in the region after the ceasefire agreement concluded in May 1994. Second, it expresses the discontent with the peaceful  settlement process,” the NKR Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“However, contrary to Azerbaijan, all regional players declared on most different levels that there is no alternative to the peaceful resolution of the Karabakh issue, and the tension and provocative actions at the frontline are a blow to regional security and stability. They urged the parties to search for a solution at the negotiating table,” the statement reads.

From January 19 to 25 the Azerbaijani side violated the ceasefire regime about 1,500 times, firing more than 14,000 shots in the direction of the Armenian positions.

The front divisions of the NKR Defense Army mostly remained committed to the maintenance of the ceasefire regime and returned fire only in cases of extreme necessity.

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