Mher Shahgeldyan: Necessary to draw international community’s attention to border incidents

Lena Badeyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Secretary of the Orinats Yerkir Party Mher Shahgeldyan and Karen Chshmarityan from the Republican Party of Armenia are expected to deliver speeches at the sitting of the EuroNest Economic Committee, which will kick off in Brussels tomorrow. The meeting is important to Armenia, Mher Shahgeldyan says.

“A report on the freedom of communication – including the railway, air and automobile infrastructures – will be presented. Besides, we think the issue of countries with no access to the sea should be discussed,” Shahgeldyan told reporters today.

Armenian delegations have another important issue to present from different international platforms. According to Mher Shahgeldyan, it’s necessary to draw the attention of the international community to the border provocations and the acts of sabotage. Mher Shahgeldyan is confident, however, that the incidents will reoccur and we should be ready for it.

“The main issue is to improve the defense capacity and rearm the army with new military equipment. In a number of cases the Armenian side gives a harsh response, which is compulsory,” he said.

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