Only 5,000 children in the US West Coast attend Armenian schools

Lilit Sedrakyan
Public Radio of Armenia
Los Angeles

With a message highlighting the imperative for a national agenda to collectively elevate the Armenian Nation, a capacity crowd gathered at the Glendale High School Auditorium to celebrate the 123rd anniversary of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF).

The program featured a keynote speech by ARF Western US Central Committee chairman Dr. Viken Hovsepian. He spoke about the challenges of the past year and the shortcomings in their resolution. He touched upon the issues of Armenia, Artsakh, the Syrian Armenians, the solution of which requires the nation to flock around a common ideology.

Viken Hovsepian noted that the Armenian community of the West Coast has considerably increased, while the community organizations have not been active enough to turn the quantity into quality and the words into deeds.

Our nation can do miracles when united around a common national agenda, he said. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation urges all Armenians to unite irrespective of party affiliation and promises to be on the frontline of this unification.

There are about  100 thousand Armenian schoolchildren living in the West Coast, but only 5 thousand get Armenian education. Bringing the Armenian young people close to their roots and uniting them around a national agenda is among the priorities of the ARF.

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