Sergey Shakaryants: The West makes Turkey a scapegoat in the Syrian issue

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

What the anti-government forces have been doing in the Armenian districts of Syria is a genocide attempt, and the Western media come to confess this, political scientist Sergey Shakaryants told reporters today.

According to him, the Syrian Armenian community has managed to rebuff the attacks supported by the Syrian army and authorities.

The political scientist noted that Syrian Armenians are the largest Christian community in the country, and it’s not accidental that Syria became the second country after Iran to entitle Armenians to actually represent the whole Christian community. The presence of Armenians in the Syrian Parliament is a proof of this, he said.

According to Shakaryants, the West lays the main burden of anti-Christian, particularly the anti-Armenian campaign on Turkey, which is stuck in the Syrian issue. The aim is to make Turkey а scapegoat.

Speaking about the expectations from the Geneva-2 conference, Sergey Shakaryants said there are hopes for the settlement of the crisis, but it’s hard to bring together all positions as the Syrian opposition forces are split.

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