Expert predicts weakening of Turkey’s role in the region

Anna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

Last year Turkey’s foreign policy was a complete failure, expert of Turkish studies Andranik Ispiryan said. According to him, the West lost trust in Turkey because of the latter’s independent policy line on Syria.

Turkey took independent steps by arming the radicals, thus failing to meet the expectations of the West, he said. The improvement of relations with Iran is a counterbalance to Turkey, the expert added.

Ispiryan predicts a weakening of Turkey’s role in the region in the future. According to him, a hard year is awaiting Turkey, judging from the arrests and dismissals that started last year.

The expert does not rule out, that Turkey will try to take steps in the Karabakh issue, but considers that the general geopolitical developments, the opportunities of Iran-Customs Union cooperation will deprive Turkey of the opportunity to interfere in regional issues.

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