New Year address by President Serzh Sargsyan

Dear Fellow Citizens,
I cordially wish you a Happy New Year!

The passing year has been full of many initiatives and events, but I believe the most significant among them was the deeply conscious work aimed at Armenia’s economic growth and enhanced level of security. We have furthered Armenia’s economic, political and military cooperation with the Russian Federation, and next year, I am certain, we will become a full member of the Customs Union. Armenia is creating a new reality which will make her more protected and more competitive.

We have continued and will steadily continue our course towards reformation. Our cooperation with Europe and the United States in this area will not weaken but will become even deeper. Our goal is inalterable: we want Armenia to be a modern state with strong societal relations and mature legal structure.

Let’s face it: the passing year has also had some ordeals. Despite all difficulties we have been able to make a promise of the regular increase of wages and pensions a reality. We have found basic solutions which will work beyond the next year.

Dear Compatriots,

Certainly, every new year always brings new hopes, new expectations and new plans. I am confident that materialization of these hopes and realization of these plans is in our hands. Each family has its own expectations, its plans, its troubles, and its happiness. Some are waiting for their sons to return from the army, some are working to conclude the constructions of their homes, some are expecting new babies and the bliss of that event, and so on. I wish that every family in Armenia in 2014 is able to make its dreams come true. All happy families together make our country stronger and make us all more positive.

I wish that we enter 2014 with the optimistic outlook and serious programs, all the more so because we have every reason to do it and these reasons live in each one of us. Our mindset and our work will show up in the results we get.

Dear Fellow Citizens,

As always, today we will raise our glasses to the soldiers of our Motherland, to those who at this moment in the wintry mountains are guarding our borders. They defend themselves and our mountains. They defend themselves and our dreams. They defend their victorious homeland and national aspirations.

I have no doubt that our demeanor and our work will make us worthy of them and of our noble goals. We will make flourish our villages and towns, we will beautify every inch of our land, we will bring our folks back home from the far away places. We can do that and we will do it together. The New Year will give new energy and doubled vigor.

Dear Compatriots,

I also congratulate all our compatriots in Artsakh and Spyurk. I send special congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Syria who are going through difficult times. Their pain is our pain. On this festive day, let us pray and believe that tomorrow, in year 2014 they will get peace and success. Their happiness is our happiness too.

I wish all citizens of the Republic of Armenia and the entire Armenian nation all the best. I wish good health to you, your children and your parents.

Happy New Year and approaching Holly Christmas!

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